The Chronicles of Azulland

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Ammey McKeaf

Ammey McKeaf is beloved and protected, not only by her father, the most revered general in the island country of Azulland, but also by five elder brothers, all champions of the games. Her brothers have trained and challenged her all her life, especially at swordsmanship, which will serve her well.Trouble stirs when Marko Corin, the ambitious leader of Bellux-Abry, seeks to gain control of the country. His small bands of vicious warriors, known as wolf-packs, reap destruction and death. To protect her, Ammey is escorted to safe place, but sanctuary is a thing of the past. Initially rescued by famed assassins, Forzenay’s Five, Ammey discovers inner-strength she did not know she possessed. She learns the art of survival from Vincent, one of the Five, and an undeniable passion grows between them.As civil conflict rages, Ammey is swept into events against her will. As she battles to survive and protect those around her, she will be tried and tested beyond anything she could have imagined, but will her efforts be enough to save herself and those she loves?

“I couldn't put the book down. AMMEY McKEAF is wonderful.” -Romance Reader at Heart.

“…full of passion, adventure and romance. I'm hooked. Highly recommended.” - MidWest Book Review

“…a must read. Ammey McKeaf earns a twelve on a scale of one to ten.” -Writers Unlimited

“I found myself hooked from the beginning and did not want to stop reading. Anytime life interrupted me, I would growl and hurry with whatever needed my attention so I could return to Ammey's tale. Very highly recommended!” –Huntress Reviews

“I could not stop reading this book. I actually was sad when I reached the end. This book is a must read for any fans of fantasy that highlights strong women of character.” -Fallen Angel Reviews


‘. . . an exciting, creative story that is just the beginning of an adventure.  The descriptive writing is marvelous. The clang of swords as they fight, the quiet times as she listens to the people around her are all easily pictured. I anxiously look forward to more in this series.’ –The Romance Studio

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