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Down In The Valley

Emeline Wright risked everything to escape the monster who stole her innocence and her dignity. Now, no one in her home town of Green Valley, Virginia must ever learn what she was forced to do while a captive in the city. Her only chance is to make a go of her uncle's failing farm, but how can a woman survive alone in rough country?

It's the quiet strength of one man, Tommy Medlin, who will show her how to  trust again. Together, as business partners, they work to rebuild the farm, taking in a crew of misfits. They each crave more, but so many obstacles bar the way ...

'Shoup’s Green Valley series launch blends bitter and sweet in a sobering look at two honorable people who have been victimized. Shoup moves assuredly through trauma, family discord, and romantic misunderstandings to capture lovely bits of Americana and a bygone way of life.' - Publishers Weekly

'...touching, emotional read. There is a sweetness mixed with the roughness of events that mirrors the characters’ personal fight to maintain their independence and self-respect. Readers will not be immune to Shoup’s storytelling talent or her gift of creating three-dimensional characters.' -Romantic Times Book Reviews 

. . .though the genre is obviously historical romance, there is an element of suspense included as well. I was surprised by the depravities Ms Shoup touched on, from rape to a little light bondage and ménage. One would think these things are out of place in a historical romance, but the fact is these things happened then as they do now. Ms Shoup dealt with these situations with finesse. All the reader needs to know is this: through a range of adversities, two lonely outcasts make their way home, stronger through their suffering. Down In The Valley is a touching story that should not be missed, especially if you love a happily ever after ending.' -Novelspot

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Spirit Of The Valley

Pauline Ray and her two young children are on the run from her abusive husband. With only thirty-four dollars in her pocket, she ends up in Green Valley, Virginia and in the capable of hands of the spinster Blue sisters who suggest she take on a new identity, Lizzie Greenway. 

In a town full of wagging tongues and watchful eyes, one man, Jeremy Sheffield, watches with more than judgement. Pauline would have never considered his scandalous proposal, but Lizzie might dare to accept. Their relationship builds and strengthens, but how much can it sustain when they both have dark secrets and ghosts in their paths?

“Shoup once more proves adept at taking on serious themes, this time in the second Green Valley romance, which addresses domestic violence with care and sensitivity. A horrific mining accident and a violent confrontation add drama; however, the story’s real draw is timid Pauline’s complete metamorphosis into Lizzie, who is strong, courageous, and in love for the first time.” -Publishers Weekly

'I finished “Spirit of the Valley” in record time because it was so fast-paced and interesting. Events keep occurring that make the reader loathe to stop reading even for a minute.  I highly recommend this novel.' -Night Owls Reviews

Will of the Valley.jpg
Will Of The Valley

Susanna Jones will risk everything to escape the life of forced labor she’s known. When she’s hired as a waitress for a chain restaurant and sent to Green Valley, Virginia, opportunity presents itself, but there is nothing easy about reinventing oneself. No one knows that better than Garrett Trentwell. A vicious attack has cost him the fingers of one hand. Garrett and Susanna meet, clash and spar, and they cannot seem to help doing it again and again. Fortunately, Green Valley is home to more than a few individuals who know a thing or two about survival and redemption. In the third book of the series, both prove to be sorely needed.

' endearing love story of courage and inner strength, which overcomes incredible odds. This book is definitely a keeper.' -Coffee Time Romance


'...immediately draws the reader in. The characters, including secondary characters, are vividly described, the story moves at a brisk pace, and the plot incorporates some wonderful elements of suspense.' -The Romance Reader's Connection 

The Restoration

Six months after tragedy devastates their lives, Andie Ridgemont and her twelve year old daughter Alyssa return to Andie's childhood home in Lambert, PA, and to the care of her Aunt Meg. On the way, they encounter a long-abandoned farmhouse that captures Andie's interest. The Collier house is thought to be haunted, which is the reason author Steve Catalano is researching it. The attraction between Steve and Andie is immediate and intense, but Andie's heart has been rendered relatively worthless since the accident that claimed the lives of her twins. She wants restoration of her life and of the farmhouse, but is it possible?

'All I can say is…Wow! As a mother, I found myself sympathizing with Andie and shedding tears right along with her. As a woman, I found myself wanting to solve the mystery of the house as much as Andie did. Ms. Shoup has truly crafted a masterpiece. When you settle in to read it, grab a box of tissues. You’ll definitely be needing them.' - Romance At Heart Reviews

'It's a wonderful story of recovering and learning to love again.' -Romance At Heart Reviews

'. . . a fabulous story. This book will have you reaching for the tissues as you shed tears along with Andie and will keep you reading to solve the mystery of the house and the people who lived in it and will keep you wondering what will happen next and wanting more in the end.' – Fallen Angel Reviews

'If you do not believe in ghosts, you will change your mind after reading this book.' -Coffee Time Romance

Birth of a Legend

In 1908, on a mission to find a new breed of ape in central Africa, a wild, white man is discovered living amongst gorillas. Renowned photographer Sullivan Vinson and his niece and ward, Arianna Day, join the team tracking the man, but unbeknownst to anyone, the wild man tracks her. Believing she is meant for him, he captures her. She is rescued and each is sent in a different direction, but they meet again in London.

Again and again, they are drawn together only to be ripped apart by circumstances, social convention and Marshall Derringer, the man determined to have her as his wife. But Zan is not the only one with an untamed heart.

‘ Brilliant, thought‑provoking and addictive reading.’ -Affaire de Coeur Magazine


‘Excellent historic context … characters whose bond is irrefutable. An interesting spin on the legend of Tarzan, with a spark of creativity that is all its own.’  -A Romance Review

Captors_3 (1).jpg
A Choice of Captors

To escape an arranged marriage to a wealthy autocrat in Charles Town in 1746, Sara Anne Aldridge flees to her deceased mother's family in England, only to get kidnapped with several other highly privileged young ladies on an excursion to war-torn Scotland. It’s a lowlander kidnapping scheme for ransom, but highlander, Adrian McGoldrick, is involved for another reason. He is given custody of Sara Anne, charged with delivering her to a wealthy nobleman. Although there is an instant attraction between Adrian and Sara Anne, neither of them could possibly fathom the many dangers that lie ahead or the bond they will form or the lengths they will ultimately go to each protect the other.    

'. . . reminds the reader how very little say women of that time had in the course of their life. Sara Anne is likable, courageous, and brave in the face of adversity. Jane Shoup does not disappoint.' -The Romance Reader's Connection


5 Stars from The Romance Studio: 'This incredible book has many twists and turns, but you will never get bored. I promise that you will be thrilled to be introduced to Jane Shoup's work. -The Romance Studio

'...a very impressive novel. There is action, suspense, violence, and passion. If you want a romance that is in no way watered down, this would be perfect for you.' -Huntress Reviews

The Key

The last year has been tough for Jack Wilmont, so he takes a leave of absence from the Raleigh PD’s Major Crimes Task Force, just as a serial killer strikes again after a year. Having worked the case before, Jack agrees to look at the evidence, but the good deed leads him to the case of a missing nine year old girl, kidnapped from her home. Knowing he is in over his head, he does what comes naturally. He enlists the assistance of his best friend and former partner, Terry Carson. 

Despite the pressure of time passing and having too many avenues to investigate, especially in an unofficial capacity, it’s irksome when the FBI swoops in to take over the serial case. Despite a warning, Jack and Carson refuse to give up. They know they are after a brilliant and dangerous psychopath, but the plot they uncover is complex, sophisticated and far more evil than anyone is prepared for. 

(Formerly Pedestals. Winner of the 2006 Epic's Best Action/Thriller Award)

'There are times when a book is so outstanding that you wonder how you will possibly write a review worthy of it; The characters are well defined, extremely likeable and believable, and the storyline flows without a flaw. You are in for a treat when you see the twist and the strange reason for the serial killings. This is one work I am proud to recommend, well worth your time.' --Book Review Cafe


'...a thrilling suspense-filled story, filled with paranormal overtones. I highly recommend it to all lovers of suspense!' -PNR Reviews

'. . . highly engaging and compelling.  It has everything from death defying acts to thrilling conclusions.' -Coffee Time Romance


'...a refreshing exciting police procedural. Jane Shoup provides a top echelon mystery that readers will cherish and want Jack and Carson to star in future tales.' -Harriet Klausner, The Reader’s Guild

'From fast-paced action to humor, author Jane Shoup delivers a consistent and clear work of fiction. Although a work of fiction, “Pedestals” brings to life serious questions about ethics, the right to choose your children’s features in the womb, and the price some people are willing to pay for the ‘perfect’ child. A fertility clinic headed by an evil doctor with a grand dream is only part of the story. What is most impressive about “Pedestals” is that it could really happen. This is not a story being told a long time ago or taking place in an alternate universe. The disturbing and brilliant part of this book is that it is real.' -Emily Burson, Book Pleasures


After suffering unparalleled tragedy, Leah Middleton knows she’s fortunate to be taken in at her deceased mother’s ancestral home. But the disdain her family – The Knights of Red Ridge Hall – held for her free-spirited mother is transferred to Leah, and they revel in letting her know it. A proud and noble family, the Knights hold expectations Leah doesn’t believe she can meet, certainly not while staying true to her loving, system-defying parents, and especially when it comes to Grayson Slade. He is as far from a desirable match as her family could imagine, and to make matters worse, she learns he holds secrets that can tear her newfound security from her tenuous grasp.
Doctor Grayson Slade is assistant to Theodore Knight, founder of The Knight Society, a benevolent institution for unwanted and ill children. Grayson himself was rescued off the streets of London as a boy and he wants no more in life than what he has attained. Until the moment he lays eyes on Leah Middleton. But evil is flourishing, and he can only do so much to stop it. As mysteries begin to unravel, unthinkable truths are revealed and a malevolent threat closes in. Grayson knows he has no choice – he must do what’s right to keep Leah’s love.    

‘A captivating, dark page-turner.'

-Reader review

‘OMG... What a story!!!! From the first page I was enthralled all the way until the end. This is a disturbing dark realistic story of magnanimous proportions. This book's imagery is extremely powerful. It is like a movie for your mind. This author knows how to write a suspenseful thriller and murder mystery. This is a must read that I highly recommend.’ – Reader review

‘…definitely one of the better regency-historical-romance-mystery-paranormal novels I've read (is there even such a genre?). This is a clean romance also; though the main theme isn't heavy on the romance, you really feel yourself rooting for Leah and Gray.’ –Reader review

‘Wow. I would have given this book a few more stars if I had them. There is romance, heartache, angst, mystery, incredibly bad characters and wonderfully good characters set in an intricate story. I got into this book from the first page and did not put it down till the last page.’ – Reader review

‘What I liked about "Knightfall" …is Shoup’s exploration of the supernatural and how that contrasts with some seriously creepy doings in the here-and-now. Some of the supernatural plot devices are explained away, but a few are not and that gives the story the element of the unknown and unseen (which I like). In some ways, this book could be called ‘Romantic Horror.’ This book is not for teens. Shoup populates "Knightfall" with some seriously deranged characters who masquerade as upstanding citizens (which is not unlike our modern world, right?). People who were fascinated by the dark side of human nature in books such as “The Devil in the White City” will not be disappointed by the characters in Knightfall.’ –Reader Review

Ammey McKeaf
The Chronicles of Azulland ~Book 1~

Ammey McKeaf is beloved and protected, not only by her father, the most revered general in the island country of Azulland, but also by five elder brothers, all champions of the games. Her brothers have trained and challenged her all her life, especially at swordsmanship, which will serve her well.Trouble stirs when Marko Corin, the ambitious leader of Bellux-Abry, seeks to gain control of the country. His small bands of vicious warriors, known as wolf-packs, reap destruction and death. To protect her, Ammey is escorted to safe place, but sanctuary is a thing of the past.


Initially rescued by famed assassins, Forzenay’s Five, Ammey discovers inner-strength she did not know she possessed. She learns the art of survival from Vincent, one of the Five, and an undeniable passion grows between them.As civil conflict rages, Ammey is swept into events against her will. As she battles to survive and protect those around her, she will be tried and tested beyond anything she could have imagined, but will her efforts be enough to save herself and those she loves?

“I couldn't put the book down. AMMEY McKEAF is wonderful.” -Romance Reader at Heart.

“…full of passion, adventure and romance. I'm hooked. Highly recommended.” - MidWest Book Review

“…a must read. Ammey McKeaf earns a twelve on a scale of one to ten.” -Writers Unlimited

“I found myself hooked from the beginning and did not want to stop reading. Anytime life interrupted me, I would growl and hurry with whatever needed my attention so I could return to Ammey's tale. Very highly recommended!” –Huntress Reviews

“I could not stop reading this book. I actually was sad when I reached the end. This book is a must read for any fans of fantasy that highlights strong women of character.” -Fallen Angel Reviews


‘. . . an exciting, creative story that is just the beginning of an adventure.  The descriptive writing is marvelous. The clang of swords as they fight, the quiet times as she listens to the people around her are all easily pictured. I anxiously look forward to more in this series.’ –The Romance Studio

An American Baroness


Sons of Barons Book One

Alice and Jocelyn Weatherly have longed to experience their father’s native London. In the spring of 1820, they get the opportunity in time for the Season! Unbeknownst to them, their father is in league with a nobleman in financial distress, the object being marriage between their children. The trade is simple, a title for Alice in exchange for an influx of capital to cover Lord Merton's gambling debts.

For Nigel Walston, the future baron of Merton, family obligation is everything, but he resents having an arranged marriage foisted upon him …until he meets Alice, a beauty with two different colored eyes, a sharp mind and a fiery spirit. In Alice’s opinion, love and business should never mix, which does not mean she dislikes Nigel Walston. He is handsome, considerate, protective and he makes her feel yearnings she did not know she was capable of. If only their fathers had not made them into a business transaction!

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Heirs to the Throne
The Chronicles of Azulland ~Book 2~

More than one man in Azulland has set his sight on the ultimate prize—control of the country. Nafino Zephyr, high counsel to the king of Bellux-Abry, is willing to sell his soul to get it. Denyson Folworth, heir to the throne of Qaddys, is willing to execute almost anyone who stands in his way, perhaps even his own father. After months of bloody warfare, a respite is desired by all, especially Ammey McKeaf, daughter of the country's greatest living general. Exhausted by the tribulations of the previous year, Ammey craves normalcy and peace, but she also wants to live up to expectations and fulfill her destiny. For many reasons, she is torn as a king and a famed hero-assassin vie for her heart. In a perfect world, there would be time to rest and recover, but this is not a perfect world. A dark entity has been unleashed and the lives of everyone are in mortal danger.

The Time Tunnel of August Kaplan

Newly Re-released!

It is strange and life-altering enough when almost thirteen year-old Kate Kaplan and her mom inherit a Chicago brownstone from a long deceased great-great-great uncle of Kate. But, in a hidden part of the basement, Kate discovers a locked room and a trap door in the floor that leads to a closed off tunnel – except on rare occasions when the far ends opens to a time gone by and her triple great uncle August Kaplan lived.

‘I loved it. The Time Tunnel of August Kaplan brings together fantasy, science and history in one wonderful story. Fun and learning all wrapped up together.’ -Writers Unlimited


‘...a feisty, full-of-possibilities novel. Reading should be fun, and in Ms. Shoup's novel, quirky, intelligent and engaging fiction is the order of the day.’ -Heartstrings Reviews


‘Time travel isn’t possible…is it? For a young girl named Kate, time travel is as simple as climbing down a ladder and trudging through a tunnel. You’ll be pulled in from the first page and held in comfortable silence and anticipation until the last. I felt cold chills on my arms as Kate reads August’s journal. Intrigue fuses with fear as every new mystery presents its self to Kate. I highly recommend this story to children of all ages, even the adult ones.'  -Fallen Angels Reviews


‘... mystery and adventure, a real winner of a read. I give this book a high recommendation. A very fun, enjoyable read.’  -Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

Santa 2020 the Final Ride

New Release!

Santa has endured such a miserable year that he’s tempted to hang up his hat, but he still has obligations to fulfill. Besides, the world desperately needs hope and joy. Santa can always rely on the elves of An Pole Othrand, (North Pole City) a highly advanced race, but he finds inspiration in a surprising source, his replacement. In this funny and poignant modern-day retelling of the legend, the North Pole comes to life as never before along with the elves, reindeer and, of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus.   

'... a novel for all ages offering a modern-day twist on the beloved folk legend of Santa Claus, who brings cheer and holiday toys to children each Christmas. The year 2020 was so dreadful that Santa contemplates hanging up his red hat, but the world needs holiday season hope more than ever. Fortunately, Santa doesn't have to tackle his responsibilities alone; he has help from elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, and... his replacement? A heartwarming holiday story that is sure to stir warm feelings inside year round, Santa 2020: The Final Ride is highly recommended.’ -The Bookwatch on Midwest Book Review

(Author's Note: In the story, the elves, lead by Bonjovial, perform a song they hope Santa will get to humans. This is a acapella version by yours truly. Please lower your expectations before listening! One day, perhaps there will be a choir and full orchestra or Katy Perry, who was Bonjovial's request.)

Celebrate the Holiday!Jane Shoup
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Charity Cases 
A Kassel of Philadelphia Novel

In the summer of 1888, a female physician at Philadelphia’s Women’s Hospital turns to attorney Cecil Lawrence to help free a former patient who has been unjustly committed to an insane asylum by her husband. Cecil seeks the assistance of Tom Kassel, a cop turned private investigator whose methods are unorthodox, at best.


Tom’s intention is to give the case a few hours look-see, but the more he digs, the more lies and deception he discovers. Before long, he is determined to help the incarcerated woman as well as find the missing sixteen year old son of her housekeeper whom her husband, Blakely Heyer, supposedly banished. As Tom draws closer to the truth, Heyer moves toward a more permanent solution. In a tense cat and mouse game, buried secrets are unearthed, loyalties are divided and lethal consequences are unleashed.     

‘Shoup builds excellent intrigue. The series of engrossing twists and turns will delight readers who look for the unexpected in both the mystery and characters.’ – D. Donavan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


 ‘In the late 1800s, it was far from easy to be a woman. They were often at the mercy of their fathers and husbands, and while some were good men, many were cruel. That was the case with Louisa Heyer, a wealthy woman whose husband has committed her to an insane asylum under suspicious circumstances. It falls to Tom Kassel, a private detective, and a pair of female doctors to set her free and uncover the truth behind her husband’s motives. I was swept along for a thrilling, fast-paced ride.’ - Seattle Book Reviews


‘Jane Shoup writes well, with verve and good pacing. She differentiates the characters, particularly the three women doctors, who have different approaches to balancing work and family. Through dialog and gestures, Shoup conveys humor and sarcasm. This enjoyable novel presents a lively sense of life, both upstairs and downstairs, in late 19th-century Philadelphia.’ –M. Wasserman, Historical Novels Review

Into Shadow
The Chronicles of Azulland ~Book 3~

How many lives can be destroyed by one man's quest for revenge? King Denyson Folworth intends to make it a substantial number. As suspicion mounts that he had his father murdered in order to assume the throne of Qaddys, circumstances change, control slips and pressure mounts. Folworth knows he must change public perception if he is to remain in control. He will stop at nothing to eliminate his adversaries, especially the band of elite assassins known as Forzenay's Five.Forzenay and the others have no intention of allowing Folworth to dictate their paths, but when their identities are exposed and a campaign of vicious propaganda gains momentum, drastic changes and life-altering choices are necessitated. In a deadly battle for vengeance, not everyone can or will survive.


New Release!

Nearly a Marquess
Sons of Barons Book Two

Twin brothers Joel and Jonathan Stewart have always had a strong bond. Joel, the elder by eight minutes, inherited the family baronage, and then is unexpectedly awarded a marquisate. Amidst a culture that often revers the title more than the man, it is a strange, lonely experience to have one’s identity and status altered.   

At twenty-four, Jane Lloyd is a widow and the mother of a young son. As Lady Jane Kingman, the eldest daughter of an earl, she could have married a peer of the realm, but she followed her heart and chose a commoner, a soldier, who perished in the war. In her grief, she ignored society for years, but as a new season begins, one her sister plans on dominating, Jane feels a restlessness, a need for more in her life. She attempts to rejoin the ton, only to discover that she’s been virtually forgotten.    

When Joel and Jane meet, there is more than immediate chemistry between them, but nothing is simple when many would betray a friend or a sibling to get ahead. In Nearly a Marquess, loyalty and love are put to the test.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Into Shadow
Nearly a Marquess
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